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Board of Directors Meeting

March 12, 2006


The meeting was called to order by the Director and officially opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag at approximately 1:18 p.m.

Outgoing Secretary Rhonda Williams was given the floor to say a few words. Rhonda expressed her thanks to everyone for the opportunity to serve and announced she had become a new Lifetime Member. Legislative Day a Great Success.


MOTION - by John Pierce, seconded by Marlin to vote on officers other than Director prior to the start of the meeting. John stated that as Kim Peterson was already sitting in for outgoing Secretary Rhonda (excused do to a family commitment) he felt it fair that the votes not wait.  Motion Passed 12 for, 9 against, 1 abstain

Kim Peterson was unanimously voted in as State Secretary

Maria Carter was unanimously voted in as Membership Chairperson


MOTION - by Dean, second by Harley to accept Minutes of December Meeting as written. John Pierce Objected.

Objection: Motion for Office expenditures was stated as $300 per month, not as $3600 annually.

Discussion - This was meant to keep control of monthly spending with the ability to save on an annual basis.  If office spends less than $300 in any given month the State would be able to save the difference.


MOTION – by Harpeth River, second by Tennessee Valley to accept the December Minutes with the amendment to the expenditures for the state office to reflect $300 per month. Motion passed unanimously.

Mark announced the forming of a new Charter in Davidson County. They would like to be called Music City Charter. He called on Wendall to speak for the proposed new charter.

Wendall told the board they would be coming into the organization with 22 members, they would meet the 1st Sunday of each month at Dillygafs. They have elected him as Director, Robert as Asst Director, Suzanne as Secretary, and Diana as Treasurer. Other positions would be filled at the next meeting after acceptance of the charter by the board.


MOTION – by Dean, second by Steve to accept the new Music City Charter. Motion passed by verbal vote.


Legislative Report

John Pierce advised everyone the “9 year old” bill had been “crushed”, no second on the bill was ever received.

Right of Way Bill is being sponsored by Senator Steve Sutherland and Representative Tidwell.

Helmet Bill he currently has no confirmed answers do to the recent “shake ups” in leadership.

Drag Race Bill has severe penalties, was originally written for cars. Pointed out that it is legal in the State of Tennessee for motorcycles to ride side by side and concern is that this may be misunderstood as “drag racing”

Stop Sign Bill a Class E Felony, a class D Felony in the case of death.

He will contact everyone if and when he feels it is necessary for additional support for the lid bill.


Treasurer Report

Malissa told EVERYONE they MUST follow instructions in the envelopes she passed out. She provided a CD as well as written direction of how everything MUST be completed. This is to avoid any future problem with IRS. She has sent letters of abatement to the IRS to waive any additional charges levied for the years taxes were not filed. Malissa has obtained the assistance of a friend (free of charge) for additional guidance in getting all tax problems resolved.


Activities Report

Nancy announced her resignation effective April 12, 2006.

John Carter – Update on the Waking the Dragon

John explained to everyone the move of location for the event and some of the effects that it has had, such as entertainment changes. We all need to continue to solicit sponsorships. Volunteer help is still needed in several areas, contact him for further information. He stressed how we still had not met our “buy in” even with most charters voting to sponsor a banner, we had still only raised $3160.

A discussion ensued when Mark Miller asked if the State could complete the buy in by using funds from the treasury. Question arose as to Board Members being held personally responsible.


MOTION – by Twanger, second by John Pierce to fulfill our obligation to the Waking the dragon event using funds needed from the State Treasury.

Motion passed by verbal vote.


State Office Report

Suzanne stated the organization was still a work in progress. She is trying to go through everything to determine what needs to be stored and kept as well as what can be discarded. She has looked into liability insurance for the office and the best quote she has found would be $1000.00 annually.

Discussion was held as to why we did not already have insurance, and the liabilities to both the State Organization and individual board members. John Pierce stated he was not willing to put everything he had worked for personally “on the line”.

Motion- by John Pierce, second by John Carter to allow any board member the ability to resign and the reassume their position when insurance for the office is in place.

Amendment to the Motion  - by Malissa, seconded by John to read - to allow any board member the ability to resign and the reassume their position when insurance for the office is in place to be effective at the conclusion of this meeting.

Motion failed by verbal vote.


Motion – by Jeanna to form a committee to research insurance costs.

Amendment to the Motion by Malissa, second by Twanger to form a committee consisting of Treasurer, Director, and Office Manager, to research insurance but to wait for information from Steve so as to obtain a million dollar policy by the end of next week.

Motion Passed by verbal vote.


 NCOM Representative Report

Steve gave a brief update on what had been happening and pointed out to everyone he had left literature, cards, etc. on the table. Meeting may 11-13 in  Louisville.



Jeanna advised everyone she needs “short” charter reports and needs them by the deadline. She also needs any new or updated addresses. She suggests that all charters have “reporters” (charter members) cover all their local events.



Maria has handed out her “best updated” lists to date, please review and contact her with any corrections or missing information.


Safety & Education

Cindy still working on getting into schools, trifolds, grants, etc. Should have more details by next BOD.



Bob stated he had been working a lot recently and had not been able to do much with the site. Urged everyone to contact him with any ideas. He would work on adding Yahoo Group info and information on current bills.



John – Membership Director- 650 new members in 3 mos., over 7000 questionnaires returned, stated the MRF is alive and well, just waiting for everyone to join. He spoke briefly on the HIPPA Bill and the fact that it had been negotiated for 5 years.

Beast of the East to be held April 21-23 in Charlotte. Next Meeting of the Minds will be Sept 21-24.



Buffalo River – Poker run Next Saturday, March 18th

Mark Miller- Security still looking for volunteers – concerns are more for safety & welfare vs. laws

Wheels of Thunder – Poker Run on 4/22/06, have 40+ new members

Soaring Eagle- several new members, questioning the possibility that they may be able to form several new charters as their current membership is so spread out, 4/15/06 Memorial Ride.

Sumner County – Looking to ride on 4/8 or 4/9 everyone invited. Contact Harley for more details.

Nashville- Tri –County Swap meet very successful, $1200 raised for State.

Robertson – Wish to hold Tri County Rally on same weekend as next BOD. Would like permission to use Southern Thunder name.


MOTION - by Marlin, second by Twanger to hold BOD meeting in Adams in conjunction with the Tri County Rally.

Question as to whether “private” area to hold Board meeting was available, Marlin assured there would be.

Motion passed by verbal vote.


MOTION – by Twanger, second by John Pierce that the Tri County Rally be allowed to use the Southern Thunder name.

Mark Miller objected on the grounds he believed if he had been denied at last meeting for use of the name it should be same for all. Nancy explained that at the time he was told he could not use “at that time” due to possibilities of not joining forces with Waking the Dragon.


AMMENDMENT – by Steve to read that the Tri County Rally be allowed the use of the name Southern Thunder, and that all future requests for the use of the name be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Motion passed as amended by verbal vote.

Dickson / Humphries – Buffalo River having a fund raiser for Chicago Bob on July 4th to help with medical costs for his wife.

April 15th at the VFW  Bike / Tattoo for Dickson /Humphries


Motion – by Steve, second by John Pierce to table the discussion and voting on the amended by laws.

Motion passed by verbal vote.


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